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August 12, 2017
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KyeJuice Ecommerce Shop

  • TaskUX Design, PSD to HTML, Package Purchase Customization, Host Integration

KYE Juice is the result of a dream, a burning passion for healthy food and beverage that has been cherished for so long. As the trend of healthy living lifestyle has been popular over the past few years, plus the issue of unsafe food in Vietnam is getting more serious, KYE Juice was born with an aim to build a community who know to find happiness and serenity in the art of intelligent eating.

One evening in September 2016, Nhu Nguyen set herself a simple rule. The time spent building a fully functional prototype of her ecommerce shop idea should not exceed one evening. She decided to outsource an experience team to build her own shop.

That’s why WPSETTINGS – A Premium WordPress Development Service. That’s why she set the time limit for herself. Amazingly, she was able to achieve exactly what she had wanted: the site was up and running the same evening, with the help of WPSETTINGS.

As the founder of Kye Juice – a brand new cold-pressed juice in Da Nang, a beautiful city with lovely people, Nhu knew that Kye Juice would need to be a passion project. That’s why she came to us – WPSETTINGS. One important question from Nhu was about multi-language site. And that’s what we’re good at.

Nhu already had her own domain kyejuice.com, and mintues later she launched her site by adding new sub domain demo.kyejuice.com in order to test it with her current customers. Most of the time the site was in a very basic form, but she knew that she got the point.

Nhu focused more on the development of the site. She started investing her time on design, user flows and communicating with WPSETTINGS regularly via email, skype. She also had a great experience in collaborating with team via Google Docs.

Kye Juice is providing her with a steady income without her having to put that much work into it. At the same time, she’s constantly thinking about how to grow the site and offer more products for the juice.

Update: She now has a private plan for her family so she decided to pause the site temporarily. She’ll come back with a huge plan.