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August 12, 2017
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Hotel Booking Customization

  • TaskBooking Plugin Development & Customization

OK I’ll make it quick. If you have a plan to visit Hoi An, you should visit Golden Sand Resort & Spa.

Whether you run a hair salon, work as a consultant or manage a hotel, being able to make and book appointments is undoubtedly essential for business. And that’s what we – WPSettings are good at.

With many of these types of businesses running a WordPress powered website, many business owners would like to offer the choice to customers that will allow them to book an appointment directly from their site, or at the very least, see their availability. If you’re looking for one of these options, then it may be time to consider using a booking plugin for your site.

For the requirements from Golden Sand Resort & Spa in Hoi An, they are very clear and straight forward.

They want a solution that give their customers the options to schedule the rooms quickly

You’re a busy person, and your customers are likely busy people too. When a phone call is just too much (and let’s face it, sometimes it is) giving them the option to book an appointment with you from your website is not just a nice touch, but also great customer service.

 They want a solution that can help their business stay organized

Let’s face it. Running a business alone is hard. And it’s really hard in case you have to manage a lot of employees. At WPSETTINGS, we’re not only developing a solution but also a way to solve the stress for our customers. What the Golden Sand means is that: Quick and Professional.

For two main reasons above, we understand that trying to keep all bookings on paper and in order can be a challenge. If you find yourself misplacing papers or missing appointments, then it may be time for a new method.


We actually provided the Golden Sand our best practices:

  1. We offered them a WordPress booking plugin in order to save the cost for development. But they already have a site with a large number of customers. The main challenge here is if they lost all data (if the plugin does not work well and causes conflict), the the small budget comes a huge risk.
  2. We suggested them use a WordPress theme (mainly in ThemeForest) and this theme has an integrated booking plugin as well. But as I explained above, they denied this solution.
  3. Finally we decided to read their current site, understand the root codes, figure out what to be improved, what to be done before doing the main job: Creating an in-house Booking feature and make some important customization.

Sounds interesting huh 😁🔫?

We had some important Skype calls during weekend. The solution was decided quick. We were only focusing on feature (coding). The Golden Sand has another future plan for improving the User Interface (UI). That’s all for a very great project.

As impressive the solution is, the price and options available may be a bit more than one can afford or need. Thankfully, there are other options out there that still offer WordPress integration and that may be closer to what they’re looking for. But the most important thing is that they decided to listen to our consultant.